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Tiamat by BloodyBrownies Tiamat :iconbloodybrownies:BloodyBrownies 2 0 Silverset by BloodyBrownies Silverset :iconbloodybrownies:BloodyBrownies 2 2 Doodle Fairy by BloodyBrownies Doodle Fairy :iconbloodybrownies:BloodyBrownies 0 0 Elk Wrist Tattoo by BloodyBrownies Elk Wrist Tattoo :iconbloodybrownies:BloodyBrownies 1 0 Seelie Fae by BloodyBrownies Seelie Fae :iconbloodybrownies:BloodyBrownies 1 0
Out of Sync
It pumps
Through my veins
Through yours
It throbs
In my head
In yours
In my lungs
Out of yours
In my heart
Not in yours
From my place
Back to yours
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Selfie by BloodyBrownies Selfie :iconbloodybrownies:BloodyBrownies 1 0 Pale Horse by BloodyBrownies Pale Horse :iconbloodybrownies:BloodyBrownies 0 0 Wolf Sketch by BloodyBrownies Wolf Sketch :iconbloodybrownies:BloodyBrownies 1 0 Love is Free by BloodyBrownies Love is Free :iconbloodybrownies:BloodyBrownies 2 0
Being Me
I should tell you
I want to
But being me
I can't let you see
Staying silent hurts my heart
But I can't tell you
I want to
But being me
If I let you see
I would be torn apart
So I won't tell you
I want to
But being me
It would never be
And you would hurt my heart
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The Art Of Staying Young Chapter Five
     I straighten up, popping the kinks in my back from being bent over for so long. A gentle breeze blows into my room from my open window. I've been packing for the better half of the last one-and-a-half-hours. My head aches and the raging migraine ceases to relent. I pick up the large duffel I had been leant over while packing and set it on the little reading ledge beneath my window. A soft sigh leaves me as I search the cloudy night sky for any sign of Peter, but it is far too dark and overcast for me to see anything. The clouds came out of nowhere after my spat with Michael.
     Before I can actually register what I'm doing, I find myself sneaking out of my room and down the hall to Michael's room. The door is silent as I scurry into the room. My eyes fall on Michael's sleeping frame as soon as I'm sure the door is closed behind me. Kneeling beside his bed, I run my fingers through his hair which still feels as soft as a small child's.
     "I don'
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The Art of Staying Young Chapter Four
     I stare at Peter as he sits on the railing, watching as what I've said sinks in. My heart squeezes as I wait for his reaction. I close my eyes as Peter studies me, comprehension dawning on his face. The door leading from the ballroom opens again and I hear John call my name. My eyes fly open. Peter keeps his curiously-shocked expression as my brother walks up.
     "Wendy? The party's over and Mary and John wish you to see them off," John says, openly staring at Peter.
     Peter's studious gaze switches to John. Sadness washes over his face. "John, right?" he asks, offering his hand to my brother for a shake.
     John takes it, his businessman's smile at the ready. "Yes, that's me. Father mentioned that there was a gentleman out here with my sister. Unfortunately, my father is terrible with names so forgive me asking again."
     "I'm Peter," he says
:iconbloodybrownies:BloodyBrownies 2 2
The Art of Staying Young Chapter 3
     The song ends and my stranger leads me out to the balcony, us hurrying away from Edward Jenkins. A giddy feeling settles in my stomach as I let go of his arm and lean against the railing. My eyes, as they always do, automatically settle on the second star on the right. Second star to the right, and straight on until morning….
     "What were you fighting with your brother about?" His soft voice interrupts the mesmerizing silence, but I don't mind.
     I sigh, keeping my eyes on the star; the way to Neverland. The way to Peter…. "My family doesn't approve of my choices. They want me to marry already and to have a family, but that's all too much for me. I tell these stories - I always have - and my parents hate it. They want me to finish growing up, but I'm not sure that I'm ready to." My chest hurts at the mere thought of it.
     "What kinds of stories?" He asks, wi
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The Art Of Staying Young: Chapter Two
     "More, more! Please, Auntie Wendy, please! Tell us more!" Mary pleads after I tell the third story.
     Laughing, I shake my head at her which causes all of the children to groan. "It's already time for you all to get cleaned up and ready to sleep."
     Little John snuggles closer, laying his head on my shoulder. "One more?"
     I hug him tighter and sigh. "Maybe just one more."
     "Sorry, children, but I've been sent to fetch Auntie Wendy."
     I look up to see Michael leaning into the room. All the children groan and Michael laughs. "C'mon, it isn't so bad. If I take Auntie Wendy now she'll have more stories for later!" A collective shout of excitement shoots from the children.
     I kiss Little John and Mary on the head and wish them goodnight. Michael closes the door behind me and leans again
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The Art of Staying Young: Chapter One
     The doorbell rings again and I sigh in my head. On my face, however, I wear a dazzling smile - one to rival my mother's, or so I'm told. The fabric of my ball gown rustles as I go to greet the guests. Over 60 people are arriving to Mother and Father's mansion for a masquerade ball in honor of my latest art show. Though, my parents hate the paintings I make - especially Father.
     "Mr. Jenkins, what a pleasure it is to see you again." I move to let in the average looking man. He has average brown hair and average green eyes on his average looking face. Mother invited him in hopes of me letting him court me, but he's far too stiff and serious for my tastes.  "It is positively delightful that you were able to attend this evening."
     Mr. Jenkins grasps my hand and bows over it slightly, giving a kiss to the back of my hand. The kiss lingered a little too long for my liking, but Mother has e
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United States
For if there is no one in the world who cares for you, do you really exist at all?

The name is Heather, and that's all anyone ever really knows.

Most people kind of avoid me for various reason; none of which are valid. Okay, maybe the ones saying I'm weird are valid, but that's it!

I enjoy doodling as a hobby and I write as a passion. I don't really post my good stuff on here, that goes on my Wattpad, but if enough people ask me to then I will start posting it on here. I get called cynical a lot, but that's false. I'm a happy person and I love making people laugh... I just have a secret dark spot and I feed it cookies every now and then.

Animals are my PASSION in life. Ever since I can remember, I've been around them. This has caused some major heartache in my social life (Even living in The-Middle-Of-No-Where, Tennessee... people are just hateful) I'm short and a bit chunky, but that won't ever stop me from being active in my love.

Lately I've been doubting myself and the plans I have in life, but I'm piecing things together slowly. I'm now in college, handling things as it happens. I have random moments and I love to talk to other people that share the same interests as me; even those that don't.

So, email me at if you ever want to swap stories, or you just need someone to talk to! I am here for you!
Also, check out my wattpad account:
And of course, my twitter: h_merrill
And if you want to add me on facebook? Well.... let's stick to the others first (:
  • Listening to: Panic! At The Disco - Pretty Odd album
  • Reading: Distopian Novels
  • Watching: Space Jam
  • Playing: On Yo' Heartstrings
  • Eating: Gluten Free Foodies
  • Drinking: Water
  Hello, dear ones!
      It has certainly been awhile. Almost a whole year. Lots of things about me have changed, but I'm still very much me. I don't have access to internet very often at this point in my life, and I've sadly lost touch with my creative side. But I'm trying to get it back. 
      I let myself, this past year, wander and try new things. But I forgot to keep the me-I-used-to-be tethered near-by. Most of the new-me is nice; I'm more physically active, I have friends that are closer to me than my family, I'm more responsible. But now I'm trying to find the part of me I lost; creative (though not very good, and that's okay!), emotionally stable, confident in my ideals.
      It's just part of growing up.
      (Moral of the story: Don't let yourself be too afraid to branch out, just so long as you remember your roots, too.) And I'll get there one day! I'll find the me-I-wanna-be sometime or other.  

      I'm going to stop rambling for now. Have a great day lovelies!! Maybe I'll start posting again, too.



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